social tables part 2

Social Tables by ForkTales – Platter for the Mother Goddess

February 1, 2017Tanushree Bhowmik

forktales social tables 2


The second event by Social Tables choose to tread a path less taken – demystify the idea of non-vegetarian prasad – an idea which is alien to most. And what better than bhog served to the Mother Goddess and the numerous forms that she is worshipped in across Bengal. We brought forth a bit from every belief that the Mother is worshipped with.

The strictly vegetarian Vaishnavs, the Shaktas who evoke her as the divine power and the Tantric belief which sanctions animal sacrifice and ritualistic offering of meat. It was also century and a half old family recipes of prashad, the residue of primitive believes and what every household offers to the resident Lashmi and Saraswati. The taste of prashad, they say, can never be recreated outside the occasion and as vast as traditions are, we could barely touch the surface. But we hope that people went back with good memories of the stories, the mythology and the taste of the food.

For most of us, meat and bhog don’t go together; still others who cannot comprehend a meat curry without onion or garlic. The niramish mangsho merges all these contradictions beautifully and tastefuly into one pot. It also tells the story of how religious beliefs vary over time and regions. We served niramish mangsho at this table.

Thank you everyone for being there. Till the next time when Social Tables brings together more food and stories behind them.

Maach pora
Maach pora (fire roasted fish with ginger, pepper and lemon juice with mustard oil)
Chalkumro ghonto
Chalkumro ghonto (Ash gourd with poppy seed paste and grated coconut)
Bori diye laal shaak bhaja
Bori diye laal shaak bhaja – (Stir fried red amaranth leaves with sun dried lentil dumplings)


Moog daal naivedya and Bori naivedya
Moog daal naivedya and Bori naivedya


bhuni khichuri
bhuni khichuri


Mete chorchori
Mete chorchori (Mutton liver cooked with greens)


Niramish mangsho
Niramish mangsho (Mutton curry sans onion and garlic)


Teen rokom bhaja
Teen rokom bhaja (three kinds of fries) – pointed gourd, eggplant, banana pith


Chhapa sondesh
Chhapa sondesh (milk fudge sweets)

social tables part 2


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