• Paan Doi (Beetle leaf flavoured yogurt) with Paan Masala Brittle

    March 22, 2016admin

    I have a strangely sentimental memory around paan. As kids, we were prohibited from having paan, well, too much of paan. The only time we were allowed to have it was when we got little shares from elders. Ma would have a paan once in a while, especially after a heavy meal. And I had…

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  • Dahi Chuda Parfait

    March 10, 2016admin

    Dahi chuda or flattened rice with curd is a traditional breakfast in the Eastern states of Assam, West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. It is an everyday breakfast and also made on certain festivals like Sankranti. Seasonal fruits are usually added to it. The Dahi Chuda Parfait is inspired from the humble Dahi Chuda. It was…

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  • Posto diye Tomato Dim Bhapa (tomatoes and eggs steamed with poppy paste)

    January 15, 2016admin

    Posto (poppy seeds) is one of my favourite ingredients, so much so that I think it is unjust to call it only a spice! While aloo posto stands right in front of that ‘favourite things to eat’ queue, posto bhapa (steamed poppy seeds) comes a close second. It has jazzed up many a dull meals…

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  • Baked Illish

    January 14, 2016admin

    Why should I call an illish – the hilsa? I wouldn’t, I am a Bong. Why should I not romance it long past it’s prime season for eating? I wouldn’t, I am a Bong. I recently read a long scientific article about the reasons behind the unique taste of illish. The author mentioned a lot…

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