• Akuri – the Parsi scrambled egg

    March 14, 2016admin

    I am scrambled egg Nazi. So critical am I of scrambled eggs that I hate it 98% of the times it is served to me, whether at home or out of 5 star kitchens. I also steer clear of the anda bhurji served by dhabas and restaurants because it is┬ámurder of the eggs! I can…

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  • Posto diye Tomato Dim Bhapa (tomatoes and eggs steamed with poppy paste)

    January 15, 2016admin

    Posto (poppy seeds) is one of my favourite ingredients, so much so that I think it is unjust to call it only a spice! While aloo posto stands right in front of that ‘favourite things to eat’ queue, posto bhapa (steamed poppy seeds) comes a close second. It has jazzed up many a dull meals…

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