• Mezbaan Gosht

    February 24, 2016admin

    In 7th century the Chinese traveler Xuanzang described Chittagong as “A sleeping beauty rising from mist and water” – since I heard that I want to go and visit Chittagong. And yes, it is famous for pink pearls. And then, there is the Mezban tradition. The word Mezbaan comes from Persian, in which it means…

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  • Niramish Mangsho (Vegetarian Meat)

    January 14, 2016admin

    I choose to start with a disclaimer that this is not a commentary on the appropriateness of animal sacrifice. This debate scares me, because of the tendency of forming arguments based on half baked understanding of genesis of religious beliefs. Animal sacrifice (‘Bali’) is made in a lot of Hindu shrines, specially dedicated to Shakti…

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