• Paan Doi (Beetle leaf flavoured yogurt) with Paan Masala Brittle

    March 22, 2016admin

    I have a strangely sentimental memory around paan. As kids, we were prohibited from having paan, well, too much of paan. The only time we were allowed to have it was when we got little shares from elders. Ma would have a paan once in a while, especially after a heavy meal. And I had…

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  • Poush parbon’er pithe puli – Sweetmeats of poush festival

    January 15, 2016admin

    Beyond all religious and cultural significance, festivals and food are personal diaries for most of us. We script our memories, likes and dislikes in them and revisit the well-thumbed pages year after year, while adding new pages to them. While growing up in Assam, we had no clue about any religious ritual that might be…

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